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Non homesteaded mobile/manufactured homes are considered personal property and are taxable in Georgia. Tax must be paid annually with a due date of April 1. The owner of any mobile/modular home located in Hall County must file a return and obtain a location permit. In order to obtain the location permit, the mobile home tax for the current year must be paid in full.

Mobile Home Payment Deadlines

Mobile home bills are mailed in February of each year and are due on or before April 1. Click here for payment options. If mobile home tax is paid after April 1st, a state mandated 10% penalty is assessed on the unpaid balance.

Hall County no longer requires mobile home decals. If you believe you have been issued a bill in error, contact us at or 770-531-6950; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that the title has been changed into the new owner’s name.


Steps to follow after purchase

  • Have the previous owner sign the back of the title and give the title to you.
  • Find the mobile home on the view/pay your taxes page to see if the most recent taxes are paid. If taxes are due, pay them.
  • Visit the Hall County Tax Commissioner’s office with your title and tax receipt and have the title changed into your name within 30 days.

Changing Ownership of a Mobile Home

When a mobile home is purchased, an ownership change occurs. This change needs to be recorded on the title document for the mobile home and documented for County tax records.

Purchasers have 30 days from the date of purchase to apply for a new title. Failure to do so may result in a fine from the Tax Commissioner or possible litigation from the mobile home seller.

The Tax Commissioner will only register or change the ownership of a mobile home with a title properly assigned to the current owner. Bills of sale, lease agreements, park reports, or a title where ownership has not been updated on the front of the document are not accepted.

If the home is being moved from another county, proof that taxes are paid up-to-date must be provided along with a copy of the title in the current owner’s name before a mobile home can be registered.

Relocating or Moving a Mobile Home
To relocate a mobile home, obtain a relocation permit from the Hall County Building Inspections Division. To obtain additional information on permitting, please visit

Note: It is unlawful to move a mobile home in Hall County without a relocation permit. Any person violating this is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished with a fine of no less than $200 or more than $1000, or by imprisonment for no more than 12 months, or both.


What do I need to get a Georgia title for my mobile or manufactured home?

  • A completed and signed Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application.
  • If the mobile or manufactured home is a double-wide or a triple-wide, a separate title application is required for each side if a separate title or manufacturer’s certificate of origin is issued for each side.
  • An original valid manufacturer’s certificate(s) of origin or title.
  • $18.00 title fee is due for each title application. Apply for your title at the tag office in the county in Georgia where your home is located. If ad valorem tax is due, it must be paid at the time of application. Contact your county tag office to determine if ad valorem tax is due.
  • A title is required for ownership transfer for any mobile/manufactured home model year 1963 and newer.

Cancelling Mobile Home Title

Often when a mobile home is placed on a property, the mobile home owner owns the land as well.

The mobile home is permanently affixed to the land. There is no plan to ever relocate this mobile home. If the owner wants to sell the property, they would prefer to sell the land and the mobile home together on the deed without having to worry about the transfer of title on the mobile home. This is where the cancelling of a mobile home title comes into play.

In order to cancel the title, the property/mobile home owner will need to complete a T-234 Mobile – Manufactured Home Certificate of Permanent Location. Take the completed form along with the title to the Clerk of Court at 225 Green Street SE, Gainesville, GA 30501. Once the Clerk of Courts has filed and recorded the T-234, make an appointment with the Hall County Tax Commissioner’s office to bring the T-234 and the title in for cancellation. There is an $18.00 fee. The Hall County Tax Commissioner’s Office will then communicate with the Board of Assessors Office to notify them the mobile home needs to be recognized as real property going forward. As a result, mobile home and land will be billed on the same property tax statement.

What If There Is No Title Available For The Mobile Home?

If you are purchasing the mobile home from the current owner, they may have lost their title. The current owner may schedule an appointment with our office to purchase a replacement title. Once the new title is received, they can sign as the seller on the title to you. Then, you can schedule an appointment with us to transfer the title into your name.

If there is no title available, the title bond process must be completed. Any mobile home manufactured 1963 or newer requires a title to transfer ownership. The same applies with the title bond. If the mobile home is a single wide, then there will be only one title bond to worry about. If the mobile home is a doublewide, it may require 2 title bonds (one for each side).

  1. Call the marshal’s office at 770-531-6762 to have them complete the T-22B for VIN verification or lack of VIN for each side.
  2. Contact a Title bond company to complete the process.  Attached is the MV-1, MV-46 and MV-46A that will be needed to complete the process. You will need to complete the MV-1.  They will do the other forms.
  3. If the DOR lists a lienholder on the mobile home, a lien release is required.
  4. Send certified letter to lienholder requesting lien release. If you receive a lien release, you can proceed forward.  If the certified letter comes back “Return to Sender,” do not open. It is important you keep this.
  5. If the certified letter comes back “Return to Sender,” then you will need to submit a CD-700 with the Georgia Secretary of State for them to verify the lienholder is closed or does not exist.
  6. The returned certified letter and what you receive back from the Georgia Secretary of State will act as your lien release when you bring in your title bond(s) to be processed.
    VIN Number Found:
  7. When Title Bond is completed, bring the completed Title Bond to the Hall County tax Office to apply for the Mobile Home Title.
    VIN Number Not Found:
  8. When a VIN number is not found you will need to submit a request for a new data plate by clicking here. They will ask for the HUD certification number to access this information.
  9. If they send you back new data sheet, affix this to the inside of the kitchen cabinet. Contact the marshal to do a new T-22B.
  10. If they refund your money because they cannot find the original VIN(S), you will need to apply for new plates from the Dept of Revenue.
  11. Mail the bond documents, T-22B and T-128($5.00 for each serial plate) to DOR Southmeadow, Title Department, 4125 Welcome All Road, Atlanta, GA 30349. Send by trackable method(certified, UPS, FEDEX, etc.) (T-22B and Title bond documents should have serial# blank or TBD)
  12. Once DOR sends documents back along with the new serial plates.  Affix the new plates and have the marshal come out to complete a T-22 supplied by the DOR.
  13. Have the Title Bond company reissue the Title Bond(s) with the new VIN(s).
  14. Bring the new Title Bond paperwork to the Hall County Tax Office to apply for the title($18 per title).
  15. When you receive the Mobile Home Title in the mail, if this mobile home is your residence and you own the land, you can apply to homestead the mobile home with the land with the Board of Assessors Office.
  16. If you want the ability to sell the land and the mobile home as one on a deed, you will need to Cancel the Mobile Home to Real Property.  When this happens, you no longer have to transfer title of the mobile home to the next buyer.
  17. Take your receipt for the title application from the Title Bond or the title itself one you receive it in the mail to the Clerk of Courts at 225 Green Street SE, Gainesville, GA 30501 to complete the T-234(s).
  18. Bring the mobile home title(s) and the stamped T-234(s) to the Hall County Tax Office to Cancel the Mobile Home to Real Property.  We will then send the necessary information to the Board of Assessors Office showing where the title is no longer active.