Dear Hall County Citizens, I am proud of our many accomplishments, particularly in the past few years as we learned how to best serve you while navigating the challenges presented by the pandemic. We also achieved our goals on an operating budget well below that of other counties of comparable size. To keep our momentum forward, we have set many goals for fiscal year 2022 and 2023 to accommodate our county’s growth and continue serving you efficiently.

Darla Eden
Tax Commissioner

GOALS for 2022-2023

Ongoing initiative – identifying and implementing new ways to improve and provide the highest level of service to our residents, school system, county government, dealer and fleet partners and others; setting the standard as the leading tax office in the state.


  • Add an interactive chat feature to our website that is available to you 24/7.
  • Research apps and software to aid our hearing-impaired residents.
  • Continue appointment system with online capability in addition to text or phone.

Self Service Tag Renewal Kiosk

  • Add kiosk #4 at the Hall County Government Center for tag renewals.
  • Propose waiving the $3.95 fee for residents to use kiosks to Board of Commissioners.

Lobby Enhancements

  • Implement technology to allow customers to view lobby wait times.
  • Modify/upgrade workstations, raising to eye-level with customer and be more ergonomic, allow more privacy to conduct closed record transactions and allow the customer to view transaction details in progress.

Customer Service & Access

  • Expand texting service to nights and weekend so residents can receive a reply text after regular business hours and on weekends.
  • Initiate discussion with Board of Commissioners for a branch office to serve the growing population.
  • Identify a location near the Hall County Government Center with drive-thru service for simple transactions such as renewals. Drive-thru would benefit handicapped residents and add more convenience for all residents.
  • Add/ leverage technology to enhance customer service.

Interdepartmental Communication

  • Upgrade property tax software to allow easier communication with our partner departments such as tax assessors, finance and administration.


Website traffic is steadily increasing for daily business that would traditionally bring people to the office. A continued effort in analytics will be used to make improvements that include new technology and services to benefit you.

Exemptions & Education

Help educate our residents about available exemptions such as homestead, senior, disability, and military. General education on property tax terms, practices, and processes is an ongoing goal.

Statewide Software Integration

Motor vehicle administration is powered by statewide software that has been re-engineered to more fully integrate our office with state agencies such as the Departments of Revenue and Driver Services. To further benefit our residents, we have implemented DRIVES (Driver Record and Integrated Vehicle Enterprise System) software, developed by the state. Our office continues to make improvements to include new technology and services to benefit you.

Laws and Legislation

It is our responsibility to stay abreast of current laws governing the administration of taxation at the state and local level. We commit to working closely with our county administration, board of commissioners and legislators in modifying and designing policies that contribute to protecting our taxpayers’ rights.

Community Service and Outreach

We strive to do more community service and outreach. Relaying relevant information from our office to nonprofits, real-estate agents, attorneys at law, auto dealerships, and service industries, such as couriers and taxis, will make our office more efficient and resourceful.

Safety & Handicap Access

This office continues to provide the best possible service in the safest and most accessible manner possible. Making improvements in these areas will always be a goal for our office. Click Here to read an article on Darla Eden’s request for additional security at the Government Center from August 2022.