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The Tax Commissioner is an elected Constitutional Officer responsible for every phase in the collection of property tax due to the state, county, municipalities and school systems. Preparation of the tax digest is the first stage of the process followed by property tax statement billing, collecting, accounting, auditing and disbursements.

The Tax Commissioner calculates the amount due for property tax statements based on the assessed property value, as determined by the Tax Assessors, and the millage rate, as set by the Board of Commissioners and school boards.

The Tax Commissioner also acts as a tag agent for the state of Georgia for titling and registration of motor vehicles.

A large percentage of the revenue realized by the Hall County Board of Commissioners and Board of Education is generated from ad valorem taxes collected by the Tax Commissioner. The financial stability of these institutions largely depends upon the efficient operation of the Tax Commissioner’s office. Our goal is to administer state law with integrity and fairness to our residents while providing quality customer service at the same time.