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The Hall County Tax Commissioner’s office strongly encourages making appointments for tax, title and tag services.  Customers with appointments are given priority, which means walk-in customers may occasionally experience longer wait times.

PLEASE NOTE – Appointments are not available for tag renewals.  Use one of the many other options to “Save a Trip, Skip the Line” to renew your tag.

The following appointments are available:

Title Services

  • Orders, Bonds, Inheritance, or Rebuilt – These appointments are for titling vehicles where a title is being transferred pursuant to a court order (such as a divorce settlement), being titled with a title bond, or being inherited. See additional information about inheritance here. Also available are appointments for vehicles with an out-of-state title that have “Rebuilt” or similar brand on the face of the title. PLEASE NOTE — such vehicles must pass an inspection in Georgia by a specified licensed inspector prior to being titled. For more information about out-of-state rebuild titles, click here.
  • Individual SaleTitle and Tag – These appointments are available when a vehicle has been purchased from another individual through a casual sale, and both a title and a tag are needed. See our section on purchasing a vehicle here.
  • Mobile Home Title – Appointments are available for titling mobile homes. A new title is required each time a mobile home changes ownership.  See more about mobile homes here.
  • Replacement Title – These appointments are available for situations where a title has been lost or damaged and needs to be replaced. Please note that a lien release from the lender may be required if there was previously a loan for the vehicle.
  • See Vehicle FAQ’s for more information.

Tag Services

  • Initial Tag Issuance – You may make an appointment if you have purchased a vehicle from a dealership and they have notified you that you may now get your tag. However, NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY.  You may order the tag for your new purchase at
  • Replacement Tag-Lost/Stolen – Make an appointment to replace a tag that has been lost or stolen. PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME – You must complete an incident report online at  The completed and approved online incident report must be received by Tag Office staff at the time of your appointment, or the transaction cannot be completed.

Dealer / Fleet Services

  • Appointments for tag and title services are available for dealerships, and for companies that have vehicle fleets. All half-hour appointments are available between 8:30 – 4:00 with the Dealer/Fleet Agent at Window 2 at the Tax Commissioner’s Office (excluding 11:00 – 12:00 for lunch).
  • We ask that you make your appointment no later than 12:00 PM of the day you wish to visit.
  • Appointments are given priority service.  Walk-in customers will be served around appointments, but may experience a lengthy wait. Dealer/Fleet customers who arrive after 4:30 may be asked to drop off their work, or to schedule an appointment for a different day.
  • We encourage all Dealer / Fleet customers to schedule an appointment below to ensure the most expedient service without a wait.

Property Tax Services

  • Payment – Make an appointment to pay your real, personal or mobile home taxes. However, NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY.  Pay your property taxes online here.  You may also mail or drop-off your payment.

Other Services

  • Disabled Placard or Plate – Before making an appointment for one of these services, please have your physician complete a Disabled Person’s Parking Affidavit if this is the first issuance or for a temporary (6 month) placard.
  • Insurance Lapse Fee – If you have been notified by the State that you have had an insurance lapse and/or registration suspension, you may make an appointment to pay the fines.  However, NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY.  You may pay your insurance fines online at, or at any kiosk location.